Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Unit 6: Emotional Intelligence

What undesirable behaviors are associated with low EQ?
Some undesirable behaviors associated with low EQ are: low self esteem, potential for becoming an emotional abuser which can cause: abusive expectations, aggression, constant chaos, denying, dominating, emotional blackmail, invalidation, minimizing, unpredictable responses, and verbal assaults; people with low EQ tend to have more behavioral problems, don’t handle their emotions well, and are more pessimistic.
By having a low EQ, a person is not fully aware of how intricately emotions are tied with everyday tasks. By having a low EQ that person is more likely to have low self esteem and to become an emotional abuser. The problem with the emotional abuser is that the abused now has low self esteem and in turn a lower EQ.

Summarize the arguments of scientists critical of the concept of EQ?

One of the arguments scientists have of EQ is how it can be taught. How do you teach someone emotional intelligence? There are many suggestions available on how to teach emotional intelligence, but many scientists feel that these suggestions and teachings have not been scientifically proven.
Another argument by the scientists is the definition of EQ. Many scientists don’t believe that EQ has been adequately defined and therefore cannot be a scientific fact.
Another problem scientists have is how to define EQ from IQ. Again, they don’t feel that this has been scientifically defined and therefore is not scientifically proven.
Another argument against EQ is that it makes it so that there is a correct response for a given situation. The scientists don’t believe that this has been tested well enough to state that a person must react a certain way to a given situation.

Describe how the concept of EQ is being used in the business world?
Employers in the business world are beginning to ask their staff how they feel. They are now asking their employees to rate their feelings on issues on the company. For example, they are having them rate an issue on a scale from 1-10 using emotions as the determining factor. Employers are also beginning to state how they feel. They are using emotions at the beginning of a sentence when addressing their staff. For example, “I feel…”. Employers are also teaching more sexual harassment classes on how the victim of the harassment feels. Employers are using emotions more and more in the business world to make their work environment better for their employees and ultimately provider better customer service.


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